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C sound insulation and acoustics for production facilities

C sound insulation and acoustics for production facilities
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C sound insulation and acoustics for production facilities

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Increased noise levels lead to an increase in the hormone secreted by the hormone "stress", which is the body's natural protective response. With long-term and systematic maintenance of high cortisol levels, the human body tends to increase blood pressure, increase heart rate and arrhythmia, breathing problems and diabetes.

High sound levels also lead to increased use of hospitals, payment for "harmful" and periodic purchases of large quantities of consumables, such as personal protective equipment (headphones, earplugs).

The high level of noise in the industry entails serious financial costs for business. When working in noisy places above 85 dB, the concentration of workers is reduced by more than 60% and increases the likelihood of errors and shortages of goods / services.

This is also one of the main economic reasons for using passive sound insulation systems to reduce noise.

The DECIBEL team has developed a methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of investments in noise reduction systems, which takes into account the payback period of investments in noise reduction. In the attached file you can see a similar methodology applied to the Grundfoss plant in Serbia.

No less innovative is DECIBEL's approach to the development and implementation of the special DECIBEL soundproofing cab, which is completely or partially removable and provides very simple and fast access to all work surfaces of soundproofing equipment.

DECIBEL noise reduction solutions and systems provide a total noise reduction of more than 65 dB.

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